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About The Blog

Michael Thompson

Why another blog? Why should you take an interest in someone else’s opinion and beliefs? The short answer is that you probably shouldn’t. I write for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of a few members of my family and friends. I like the idea of other people reading what I think but it is not of the utmost importance.  In fact, I am only an average writer at best.

So why Liberal Musings?  Yes, politically I do lean left, and when I write or critique politics it will usually have a leftist spin but more important I take liberal to be more mainly concerned with expanding a person’s general knowledge. As much as politics interests me, I like sport, entertainment, history, etc. just as much. If I were focused on monetization than I would focus on a niche site. However, I would then miss out on so many other things that fascinate me. Perhaps, one day I will narrow the focus and split my writings among various sites.

I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, which to those of you unfamiliar, is an old steel town in the Midwestern United States located halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I attended college at nearby and I eventually graduated with a B.A. in Geography from Kent State University. Soon after I moved to a small, community north of Houston, Texas called The Woodlands where I began my career as a Geographic Information Systems Technician while earning my Master of Science in Applied Geography at nearby Sam Houston State University.